International Activites

2011-2013     : Vice President of Third Committee on Democracy & Human Rights, Inter Parliamentary


2011               : Attended as head of Delegation, Workshop on Money Laundering at Dubai, UAE, by US Department of Justice and Government of UAE.

2011                : Attended Workshop on Assists Forfeiture, at Jakarta, Indonesia, by US Department of Justice, in collaboration with US State Department and Government of Indonesia.

2006                : Meeting with Mr. George W. Bush, President of the United States & Ms.Condoleezza Rise, Secretary to States, at American Embassy, Islamabad.

2004                : Meeting at State Department of United States, Washington DC.

2004                : Attended Proceedings of Foreign and Defense Committee of European Union at Brussels, Belgium

2003               : Attended General Assembly Session of United Nations as a member of Pakistan Contingent.

2002-2013     : Member, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), London.

2002-2013     : Member, Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA), New York.

Presided and attended number of seminars, workshops and conferences on democracy, human rights, psychology, diplomacy, international affairs, politics, governess, accountability and rule of law in last couple of years by IPU, PGA, EU, UN, professional and civil society organizations at different cities of the world.